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Keepsake Vine silver slate necklace


You have a choice of either Vine a) or b), please 'select' your preference upon checkout.

Have you ever taken a pebble or broken bits of rocks from the beach? I know I have! This collection is an ode to those keepsake treasures.

A unique piece, none of them will be alike as each and every one of these pendants is individually handmade. What you see is what you'll receive.

The forms are organic as they were molded by hand from wax before casting into silver, hence the forms are natural formed by the melted wax during the earlier stages of construction. The pendant's pattern is simulated from an antique Victorian knife's engraving through an ancient process called 'lost-wax casting'.

The impression has been finished with a satin brushed and burnished on its sides and protruding traces. The back is Matt in the finish.

Approximate measurements:

• Chain length, 41.5cm
• Width of the pendant measures 1.4cm and 1.22cm in height

• Chain length, 42cm
• Width of the pendant measures 1.4cm and 1.1cm in height

Hand fabricated by the designer herself from her workshop in Montmartre, Paris 18eme.

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