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Small Grey Moonstone ball-like double pendant necklace

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The inspiration for this collection comes from a mixture of my love for modernist, and minimalist design.

This is a gorgeous small Grey/Gray cabochon Moonstone, set into a ball-like pendant in Sterling silver. The necklace has 3 lengths to play with; 52.5cm/20.6inches, 49cm/19inches and 45cm/17.7inches.

Its companion cylindrical pendant is hollow at the back with a specially decorated garden interior.

The whole structure is built from a flat sheet of silver into a dome thus hollow on the inside. The overall weight of the pendant is wonderful, it rolls along the Rolo chain as you move your way around the world. Accompanied by a minimalist cylindrical pendant that has leaf patterns engraved throughout parts of its inside which can be seen from the back and only the wearer would know.

M E A S U R E M E N T S:
• the chain has 3 lengths to play with; 52.5cm/20.6inches, 49cm/19inches and 45cm/17.7inches
• the Moonstone pendant itself is approximately 1.2cm wide x 1.22cm deep
• the accompanying cylindrical pendant is 1.15 wide and 0.5mm deep.

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