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Mini Coup de Coeur silver pin brooch


Ever fallen in at first glance? 'Coup de Coeur' is a french expression for when someone falls instantly in love for something or someone at first sight! It's much stronger in french then it is in English as the 'coup' is translated literally as 'blow' or 'shock', and 'coeur' is simply one's heart.

This little 3D heart/love brooch is hand fabricated from 2 droplet shape, made from SOLID square silver wire. One drop is soldered vertically against the other which lies flat against one's fabric where the pin is fixed. When it's viewed on one angle it looks first like a droplet but take another look...it's heart.
Read about the 'Droplet's journey' in my Blog: minicyn.blogspot.fr

The size of the brooch is small, please check the size before you purchase; measured at it's longest it's 1.7cm deep and 1.5cm wide(as it is). Hand constructed from 1.8mm thick SOLID silver wire.

The pin at the back is hand-made this way so it attaches securely, unlike push button pins where it does on occasion falls off by itself. The wire is made of stainless steel, never will rust.

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