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Petit Bisou silver ring


This is for one ring, a Petit Bisou (Small kiss) Solid silver ring.

This design is a made-to-measure order, please allow up to 1.5weeks to complete it.

These lips are reaching elegantly high and tall for either a gentle Petit Bisou. Platonic kisses are made habitually every day in France, between friends, colleagues and loved ones. Unlike in the medieval period and up until the present, rank was often signified by the wearing of a ring – one would kiss a person ring to show submission to authority. This is quite the contrary...I play with the 2 ideas.

For further read on this concept, head to my Blog: http://minicyn.blogspot.fr/2016/11/un-gros-bisou-ou-un-petit.html

Made of Solid silver through the process of lost-wax casting, a technique that goes way back centuries. Each ring will first be carved from wax then transformed into a solid silver ring.

Handcrafted by Minicyn from her atelier in Montmartre 18eme Paris, France.

Thank you for passing by!

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