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Raw Natural Ruby Oxidised Silver necklace


A unique one-of-a-kind necklace made with oxidised Sterling Silver and raw Ruby.
This is a necklace from the ‘I tell a story’ collection – where a 2nd life is given to an old unloved antique part.

Made with a raw, untreated & natural Ruby with a 6 side Hexagon. The Sterling Silver have been oxidised (noirci) for a dark grey patina contrasted against the deliciously red Ruby colour. NOTE: The patina will wear off a little by little over time leaving you an antique finish.

The decorative morsels were replicated from parts of an intact large old Scottish Nurses belt decorate with 2 Thistles (the original is still intact)....I'm giving them a new story and life here as wearable jewellery, as I’m fascinated by objects with a thoughtful decorative past to recall in this contemporary world.

The pendant has a nice weight to it...not to heavy and not too light.

Approximate measurements:
• There's 2 lengths to the chain, 44cm/17inch and 40cm/15.7inch
• The Ruby is 1.2cm x 1cm wide x 2.6mm thick
• Rubies have been known to promote energy throughout the entire energetic system.

Minicyn is proud to be using only eco-friendly Sterling silver.

All order/s come nicely gift wrapped ready to be gifted.
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