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Silver Fern Signet ring


This is a made-to-order listing, and there's a wait as I have sold out for the month of August. The next lot will be at the beginning of September, so if you'd like to be on a waiting list you may put your order in now.
Please choose your size carefully as I do not accept return with bespoke orders.

The signet ring per se used to be an important cultural item of jewellery and has played a surprisingly significant role in history & were designed with a very practical purpose in mind – frequently be used to stamp, or sign a document to confirm the authenticity of them.

With this significant history in mind I play with the idea in the contemporary sense of Nature being part of the real authenticity of our lives today, lest we forget – a reminder that only what's real is what counts.

I would advise that you do NOT guess your ring size when you order as I do not have stock to exchange with. Please get your finger measured before ordering on my site by a professional / local jeweller.

M E A S U R E M E N T S:
• The width of the oval face is about 1.5cm wide x 0.6mm high
• The ring is rounded
• made from eco-friendly Sterling Silver 925.

If you'd like the ring in 18kt solid gold please send me a personal note for a quote.

Thank you for your visit and please don't hesitate to contact me aka Minicyn if you have any questions.

>>>International & French delivery:
Both local and international shipping comes with tracking number.